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Alley Events
Drawing upon the energy and ideas of Pioneer Square neighbors to diagnose the problems in one forgotten space - the alley running parallel and east of First Avenue South, between Main Street & Jackson Street - and to forge solutions. The project seeks to reclaim alleys for pedestrians, making the neighborhood more lively and sustainable.

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Welcome to Northwest Sustainability Collaborative

The Northwest Sustainability Collaborative is a fertile home for organizations devoted to sustainability.

On two floors of a nineteenth-century building, sustainability not-for-profits and for-profits, a foundation and a micro-loan business incubator make home for organizations that make our community  stronger and our world more sustainable environmentally and economically.

The Collaborative offers stunningly remodeled space for offices and meeting rooms as well as all the support that make an office comfortable, welcoming and productive. A state-of-the-art printer that rivals off-set quality, a workgroup copier and a high-speed scanner allow those in the office to ignore the technical challenges of working on a shoestring and to focus their energies on making the world better. A comfortable and spacious conference room with a table that seats twelve, a built-in projector, a speaker phone and plenty of white-board space make meetings a pleasure. And a high-quality espresso/cappuccino maker, a top-quality kitchen and comfortable break spaces make time away from the desk restorative.

The Collaborative isn’t just about pounding away at the keyboard.  It is also about community.  Not-for-profit consultants help us work through common concerns.  And our like-minded organizations always seem to have helpful information to exchange and projects to collaborate on.

Alley parties – designed to help Seattle become a world-model for creating pedestrian spaces – bring the organizations together with the wider community.


* FEET FIRST- Join us for our next Walk & Talk

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What's the news?

Melrose Market inspires others to think small

* The idea of filling BIG spaces with small shops has been around for years - Pike Place Market for example - but developers and landlords are taking it to a new level.

By Marc Stiles - Daily Journal of Commerce - Staff Member

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